What’s the Point?

pen_in_hand.274131436_std[1]Does the speaker speak for no one to listen?
Does the writer write for no one to read?
Does the teacher teach for no one to learn?
The judge pass sentence for no one to heed?

And does the world turn only to burn?

Does the actress act for no one to watch?
Does the jester jest for no one to laugh?
Does the fisherman fish for nothing to catch?
The advocate plead on no one’s behalf?

And does the sun give light only to blight?

Does the infant let cry for no one to care?
Does the poor man beg for no one to give?
Does the sick ask a greater burden to bear?
Or the healthy one hope no longer to live?

And does the night despise the moon to rise?

Is it the dull man who is curious?
Or the happy man who’s furious?
A life of purpose tempest-tossed?
The purpose of life forever lost?

And does God hear the sigh, the baneful cry?

Do tears mingle with the rain of serenity?
Does this story close at the end of a pen?
Do wise words fall from the lips of insanity?
Does farewell mean we never meet again?

Then what is the point… indeed, what???

(Repost of an older poem inspired by ‘commitment Versus addiction‘ by catchthemoonmary.)


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