Heaven, Oh Help!

viper_woman_by_chepan[1]Oh holy heavenly host, pantheon of spirits divine, do I need your assistance now!

Now when again I bow to pressures, succumb to dark illusions, cry out in profusion

Of petitions to clear this battle field, bring victory near, and harness fear;

For enemies old attack again so bold, no more to be told of their evil austere.

And she wakes and crawls along the web o’er sprawls life; she hatefully mauls

All goodness, light, and gladness to kill; to blight my sight with cunning skill;

She is the toxic human insane, what lives in two worlds, bane to my existence

In persistence to destroy all I adore, and close every door with exacting skill;

And now shall the viper win, retelling every sin of mine; so thin her veneer

Of sweet smiling charity, in seeming clarity, promised charity; only vulgarity,

Barbarity under guise of God with knowing nod to the Prince; it’s all a façade;

And when will it end, saints and angels above, and I again live in peaceful love?



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