Silent Sunday Morning Musings

asta65_29[1]What has the Eternal One really asked of us?
Ah! To concern ourselves with loving justice,
To show mercy, filled with the Spirit of mercy,
And to walk in humility with our mothering God.

What has the Ever-Redeemer really asked of us?
To love God heart and soul, mind and strength;
To love the other as much as we love ourselves;
To love the other, filled by the Spirit of Love.

What has the Shepherdess of souls asked of us?
To live in meekness, deference and respect;
To stand for right with the might of heaven;
To fight the plight of the poor and wretched.

What has our Saving Isus really required of us?
To show compassion even to the most detestable;
To extend hospitality to even the most avaricious;
To … lay down our lives for friend, for beloved.

What would it mean, then, if we were so to live?
New world born, perhaps? Transformation of creation?

Ah! But these are only my silent Sunday morning musings…



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