Soiled, Maybe, but You’re Too Clean!

You’re out!
Out of line and off the mark,
Out in left field, off the track!
You’re out!
Out of your mind,
Turned from your kind,
And now you’re blind!

Ah! And all because I’ve embraced my mothering God, who is father as well? All because I honor the woman as equally as the man? All because I care for the poor and downtrodden as much as I care for defending our country? The best defense we can build for our country is to build up the people who make up our country. Is this out of line and off track?

Yes, you’ve turned;
In everlasting hell to be burned!
No ideology as yours so pale,
No god ere some fragile female!
No poor but made themselves poor,
Nothing to do but shut the door!
Yes, you’ve turned!

Oh! And am I so pitiful to cling to mighty Deborah? To Jael and Joan of Arc? So weak to love earth and sky, bird and field as brother, like unto Brother Francis of Assisi? Sick in heart and mind all for love of the downtrodden oppressed, repressed and possessed of hunger and wasting ill, like Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, Gautama Buddha, Mohandas Gandhi, and the Reverend Doctor King?

Yes, you’re out!
Out far from your life-way,
Out to your kindred betray!
Yes, you’re out!
Out in revolutionary field,
Out with radical battle shield!
Yes, you’re out!

Ugh! You make me sick with your thick lies and heavy sighs! Am I following not in the footsteps of One who turned our world upside down and inside out? One who was nailed to wood by politics and religion for being so radical? Have I turned away from the lonely, poor and destitute he came to save? Left behind the love of the God who is Love? No! I may be soiled, but … you’re too clean!


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