Isus, Are You Near? Do You Hear?

walkingAre you here? Are you near? And will you shed one tear?
The path is long, the road of dirt rugged, full of fear;
But do you hear my mournful cries, Isus, and what belies
My doubt as I shout at the iron obstacles I cannot mount?
What did you say so long ago in the dawn of kingdom day
To fix me now so I shall bow and again my faith avow?
Or is it time to sigh and cry, turn away from the lie,
Set eye upon another road to carry lesser heart-load?
To seek an abode, what will not corrode, but my soul fly
To higher heights, where angels dance and spirits prance,
Where freedom rings true, dreams are new, heavenly view?
Is this now to be my course, dear Isus, driven by force
To another source of sweet morning dew and words so true?
Have we journeyed this long only to find I don’t belong;
No redemption song because you were never with me along?
Shall I now find new bed, where to lay my head instead
Of your bosom strong and sure, and with whispers allure,
And promises to cure, only now to be buried full dead?
Oh Isus, do you hear? Are you near? Do you shed a tear?
Or shall I but part with an illusion, some grand delusion,
Or are you real enough to feel enough my heart to seal?
Or has the moment come now … has now the time come?



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