This Lucid Thought

For the Mad Hatter, aka Unbolt! Expanding upon her most poignant creativity… If you don’t already, you need to meet this talented wordsmith!

Open wounds … unbound and bright-red crowned;
How many of them ~ throughout my soul aplenty ~
In me, on me, and I cannot see; I can only be…
I don’t care; my heart lays bare as I stare
As light bores through, reaches my core,
And through each hole moves like a troll
So now I’m a filament in fulfillment of the infinite;
Light shines through the holes in my soul,
To be beacon to others so weakened by strife of life.


Note: Taken from an Incandescent lamp by unbolt… Thank you for the ‘lucid thought!’


12 thoughts on “This Lucid Thought

  1. Wonderful!! Thank you so much for the reference to her blog, and I am so looking forward to reading the poems in her native Russian. Beautiful writing!

      1. Yes, I am from Lithuania, so I spoke it pretty well back there, but it is a bit more difficult now, since I had not practiced. I can still watch all Russian movies though. 🙂

        1. It’s so very… Ох! Что я пишу?!
          Очень приятно познакомиться!
          Меня зовут Татьяна и я из Украины 🙂

            1. Спасибо огромное, Кристина!
              Честно говоря, я практически не пишу на русском сейчас… может быть, зря? 🙂
              Пожалуйста, берегите себя!

  2. Jonathan… let me thank you again ❤
    You knocked out me here…

    To be beacon to others so weakened by strife of life.

    It’s the best line ever!

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