Yes, For You…

Panoramic dart to the heart

heartDo you know in the show of life
That sun rises anew just for you?
Yes, you! Don’t look around
For someone else to be found…
And birds sing their long song
For you, too, in sky so blue;
Yes, you! And none too few,
As flowers bloom in radiant plume
Of flashing colors, dashing
In beauty for you, too; every hue
To say something new and true…
In new-fallen snow, you should know
Every particle glistens and listens
To you; yes, you! And makes haste
To waste no moment to bring smile
To your face from across the miles,
And ease your trials on earth,
To bring new birth and joyous mirth
Into your days without any haze
Of doom and gloom … Yes, for you!


4 thoughts on “Yes, For You…

  1. Jonathan, I have no idea how you can be so prolific, and have quite a range of writing. This one is a good one, makes me think you could write quite good inspirational text for children. Beautiful.

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