The Third Dawning

3648044_origQuiet evening on the plateau with glow of setting sun;
Chill of Tennessee winter, thrill of Christmas coming;
Slightly white lawn, and yawn of another work day done;
My bed said “come,” so very gladly my head I laid down.
I was young, life barely begun, my destiny yet unspun.

One unknown crept in as I slept, warmly kept by cover;
Without threat, she didn’t upset, yet whet my appetite
For more than dreams with celestial beams in a stream
Of vision, new theme, with gleam in her eyes I spied;
And my room changed with bloom of some new reality.

Midnight came, nothing seemed the same except my name;
Room window was brightly lit, unsightly light at night;
And so I peered out and greatly feared change so weird:
All was day without sun; I could not stay but made way
To front lawn to see the nightly dawn with others drawn.

We walked on hail-covered ground with sounds of wonder;
We talked in awe to behold the sight, but it wasn’t cold;
One voice came near me and clearly spoke:

“This is the Third Dawning.”


Note: Whether dream, vision, or reality this did, in fact, occur. This was an experience of the like I’d never had before nor have had since that night so many years ago. Also, picture from

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