Ma’at and the Third Dawning, Part II

Warm, rich cream suckled with placid dreams dreamed
Seemed best celestial fantasy, pressed against breast
Of Ma’at as I sought to fall back into sweet sleep;
“You don’t pretend to be other than mortal but spend
Of your passion freely, and all in an honest humility.
You remind me of kind simplicity and authenticity.”

Awakening was like shaking me back into quaking truth
Of horrors of impending doom, bending the far horizon,
Tending toward the ending of all without comprehending
Unrelenting judgment to come upon everyone, not some;
And so my tears flowed freely, clearly showed sadness,
And owed nothing to pride, as scented breeze blowed.

“Why such blight, my love, after such an awesome night?
Do you not remember the sight and sound of goodness
In the city; the pretty girl, shop keeper, street sweeper?
My dear, don’t be so drear. Goodness never lies nor dies;
But every new dawning is the purging for the emerging
Of another new world; queue for what is pure and true.”

Still it sounded like a curse to be poured from the purse
Of Dyēus — this coming dawn — “and so you’re now drawn
To asking what will be with no masking the coming dashing
Of the Second World in which you survive but do not live?
So I will tell you, but only in part in care for your heart.
But know what I show is in the flow of time, and will grow
Ψ Ψ Ψ Ψ Ψ Ψ Ψ Ψ   Into another world aglow with life.”

So I waited with bated breath as she walked over the floor
Toward golden door, turned and stared across the space,
Looked with serious face and began to speak at eerie pace:
“Nations will fall and leaders crawl; the rich will pitch
For sale their bodies and souls, like witches and bitches;
Corporations will tumble, crumble with no more to whore.”

“Ice will melt by the diffusion of pollution, and be felt
Over the earth by rising tides that will preside ore floods
Of ocean blood; fields will dry and millions cry for meals,
Even peels of fruit, bit-pieces of an eel, or bark of abeles;
Disease will spread with nothing to ease the dying in bed;
And the fall of man will come like the blowing harmattan.”

Ma’at still stared straight into my open eyes with no lies,
And continued with sinewed voice: “Some will band together
Under the command of one strong, to whom the weak throng;
So clans will arise to claim whatever prize they may find
Upon the rind of decaying earth, for whatever it’s worth;
Ah! but after this comes the new birth, see; the new earth!”

Overwhelmed at what was coming, and what I was becoming,
What could I do but cross the space and embrace Ma’at?



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