Chaos Rising: The Malice of Isfet

apophis_the_destroyerPersonified hate, I am, bait of the Şeytan,
One and the same, to satiate raging appetite
For anthracite minds and hearts torn apart
By profusion of confusion and dark delusion;
Yes, I laugh and chase, hot on their heels,
And they tire and weary and in pity kneel!

Ha! I am all blood spilled, every battle lost,
All fierce fighting and souls tempest-tossed;
Pity-tears in bottles and every sad sung song,
Humanity’s tossing, turning and every wrong;
Very sun I blackened and never slackened,
Nailed him to wood to make foul Hades’ food!

I had him sold, though Īsā I could not hold,
But I’ve sought his preachers and teachers
And have happily bought many a soul so cold;
Again and again I profane the reign of light
And life and all that’s bright in the sight
Of Dyēus, and against justice of Ma’at I plot.

I am Isfet — division and schism, derision
And all prison-religion — the Serpent who
Strikes at the heel of all those who kneel
And dare to stay to pray and never stray
From duty of beauty nor path of love’s way,
Like bitch Caillína and pretty-witch Sélená!

I am a troll for souls, and prey on strays;
My thrill is to kill, to do whatever I will;
I am the open grave for the foolish knave,
And I save my best treating for the beating
Of children lying and dying in the street,
Of the elders who shriek and reek of death.

One of my special hobbies is in the lobbies
Of the corporations of the powerful nations,
Leading businessmen into feeding frenzies
Of greed for more of what they do not need,
While millions starve in the global pillion
And very few care to repair my damage done.

I am the staph of humanity — what a laugh —
Now close your ears and eyes again; hear not,
See not, for I’m really not here … am I?


Note: “Apophis the Destroyer” by Genzoman


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