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Okay, confession time!  I am not Vegan, and thus could not believe that “Luxury Gluten Free Vegan Sponge Cupcakes” could possibly be anything delicious to eat; quite the opposite, in fact. However, another blogger friend shared the link to “Luxury Gluten Free Vegan Sponge Cupcakes,” and I took a look. And then I had my wonderful sister, Angela, look and read, too. Well, to make a long story short, we both agreed that this treat is not only exceptionally nutritional, but looks quite beautiful and sounds inviting… My sister copied the recipe and we’ve decided that, yes, we’ll have a go at it!

So, I’d like to introduce you to Pines Lifestyle, and especially its creator-author, Eliza Pines. Have a look-see and I’m sure you’ll be pleased. This is certainly a well-crafted, warm and peaceful, uplifting and inspirational blog … good, wholesome, happy. And who of us does not need more light and enlightening, motivational goodness in our lives? Yes, and Eliza does not confine her blog to recipes!  I happily recommend reading her article on “The Art of Yoga.”  Again, this is an investment of time very worth making; let me know if you agree (or disagree.)

Posizione del Loto e chakra coloratiBlessings to one and all!

Jon N

Post Script:  Just as a note of interest, since I mentioned Eliza’s article on Yoga; the practice of Yoga arose from within the larger, approximately 5,000 year-old medical practice/system of ancient India, known as “Ayurveda.”  Ayurveda is quite probably the most ancient, holistic practice and/or art of medical treatment, providing “an integrated approach to preventing and treating illness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies.” (Webster’s New World Medical Dictionary: Third Edition, 38)  Thankfully, the holistic Ayurvedic approach to healthcare and medical treatment is being more and more integrated and interwoven into the normal, contemporary Western health and medical care.




14 thoughts on “Healthy Living, Beautiful Blog

      1. Thank you so much for the “shout out”. Yes,I did, but only YOU caught what it was all about! I see how you LOOOOVE to write. You are a writer and a future author. Please get on Twitter, LOL 🙂 . I said please :/

  1. Oh my!!!! I have just seen this I am so touched and moved it’s literally such a surprise, thank you so much I am literally lost for words! x

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