Really Now … It’s Time To Change!

Far past time, really. Christopher Columbus didn’t even discover “America.” In fact, Amerigo Vespucci (for whom two continents have been named!) didn’t discover “America.” Scandinavians “discovered” Greenland, Iceland and, yes, the eastern coasts of Canada as far back as the ninth and tenth centuries, and after some failed colonization attempts in Iceland, continued trade well into the 14th century. (R. Riendeua, Brief History of Canada, 19-20) This was most assuredly not unknown by the entirety of the rest of Western Europe! Of course not, which partly explains the expeditions of Amerigo Vespucci the late 15th, early 16th centuries, the first being shortly after the (in)famous voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492. (C.R. Markham, The Letters of Amerigo Vespucci and Other Documents Illustrative of His Career,  “Introduction”)

Besides, as so many people have pointed out for years upon years now — generations, in fact — there were thriving cultures living here in Abya Yala, “one of the terms given to the pre-Columbian American continent by a group of native Americans called the Kuna people who inhabit Panama.” (Cf. Quora, “What did the native people call the American continents?“) What reason is there, then, to celebrate “Columbus Day?”  I mean, it’s really laughable when you think about it… If we’re going to celebrate excursions by Western Europeans — and let’s not forget the Russians who were colonizing the Aleutian isles and western sections of Alaska — then why not Leif Erickson Day? Or Vespucci Day? Or Erik the Red Day? Or, to hell with it! Why not Western European Exploration-Exploitation Day! At least that would be more honest! So, anyway, with this I wish my readers…




14 thoughts on “Really Now … It’s Time To Change!

    1. I’ll try again … but I don’t think I’ll be able to w/o phone. We’ll see, though. In fact, I’ll try again tonight. One concern, though, is that I do NOT want Twitter to devour my time. This blog is an outlet for me to write, which is my passion. Social media, such as FB, is PRIMARILY one way for me to keep connected to close family and friends… sooooo I hate to think of spending hours on “tweets.” But, like I said, I’ll give it another go and see what happens.

      1. you dont need a phone no. or make up a dummy one and note it down. I did not give it my phone.
        Twitter will get you so much visibility that you can be looking at a deal in 1 yr or less!
        I did so much work today, despite twitter.. it keeps me informed. Its ok if you don’t get on it..,,, it only adds to your audience. Dont do it on my account alone, LOL 🙂

    1. Exactly! Thank you! Hopefully, more and more people will get on board… You know, I recently read a meme that had a picture of a Native American with the caption/quote, “Oh, well, we celebrate Columbus Day about like the Jews celebrate Hitler’s birthday.” Touche!

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