One From Whom You Cannot Run

Celtic2“One great sage of your age very wisely surmised that to truly discipline the unruly mind is very much in kind with the man, who tries as he can to empty the ocean three tea cups a day while allowing no dismay,” Bilgeliği Meleği intoned in well-honed voice of wisdom. “Yet there is an intense defense you can commence without delay, lest you prefer to stay in vulnerability to the mystic motility of Bast?” Kheba chose not to show emotion as I shook my head no.”This also involves change that will almost derange, though quicker and thicker.”

“There was another sage, who lived long before your age, yet from here is still to come in quite some time from now, but how he chose to live, to best his foes, is what you need to know. And so I will tell you how best to fell Bast in one lesson he taught — this Enlightened One who himself her fought — and it is this gem of wisdom you must not miss: That the ill-thatched hut is but hopeless, for when the sky rains her blood, she does flood the whole house; and does not that rain cause pain to husband, children and spouse? So, too, the ill-thatched mind: Evil will find his way in and flood and stay, causing nothing but dismay. Guard your mind, then; find the best way. And your heart, as well, for it plays even the better part.”

Palms waved in the calm breeze with the seeming ease of a royal dance, amid the prance of flower petals across the courtyard embossed in symbols and scenery surrounded by lush greenery, all to lance the heart with beauty and carry the mind from duty into sleepful trance. And so Kheba seemed to fade as I unwittingly bade farewell to Bilgeliği Meleği…

Ah … and so here you are again from there, but where?  the voice came ever so sick-sweetly and hauntingly-meekly… No, no one … no one … no one is here but one… the voice was soft and numinously aloft. No, no one but the son of perdition in hopeless condition … so hopeless, you may as well aspire to drown in fire, or turn to burn in water  the laughter fallenoneof rebel-daughter came quickly after … light but cruel, slight but brutal. No monsters or surreal songsters; no spiritual stealers, soul dealers, nor heart mealers; no ghosts or dæmonic hosts … only one … only one … only one from which you cannot...

“Run!” screamed the voice of Lemek. “Make your choice! Fight the plight in sight, or run!” I was stunned. “But the Watchers are upon us at the very gates with unrestrained hate, and you, my friend,” he pointed to me for all to see, “are only bait! Wait not longer, then, but run toward the rising sun!” And off he was with angry scoff, bedecked in leather plate, straight to battle the now-cursed chattel of Şeytan, with bronze shield and sword ready to wield against archenemy of humanity. And suddenly there was frantic motion and loud commotion all around, leaving my heart to practically pound out of my chest despite my best to calm the rising alarm.

“Are you deaf and fool, too?” Kheba yelled as she grabbed long, sharp tool. “Run! Or prepare to be spun by the Watchers like fly in web to say your last ‘good-bye!'” She looked at me clearly fiercely, yet with pity, practically begging me to flee the city. “My love, you are no fighter; you are writer, and if not would do better to wear the mitre; there is no shame in this, my dove, and so no reason for blame. Your name may yet live on, as it should, if only you learn to tame your mind … as Bilgeliği Meleği so wisely said so soon from our bed…” One last look; one ill-thought of Bast; and one tear did leak to run down her cheek. I would have bawled and crawled to her in that moment to beg to face together our opponent, but… “Go! Go now while you can, how you can; east toward the rising sun, and take not the least respite no matter how desperate for rest, but test your strength over and against your best till the hillocks round this city are but the collage of a far mirage.”

warriorwomaniOne last passionate embrace and kiss, and did I miss her sudden change into ethereal coating and weaponry that all the better expressed very real divine strength that for my sake she’d somewhat repressed? No, this I could not miss, nor could I insist upon staying, thus laying an extra burden on her shoulders that would surely have weighed like a boulder. No, and so alone I …



Bilgeliği Meleği — lit. “wisdom angel” (from Turkish)

Note: For the hyperlinked portion of the torturous taunting of Bast (above) I must give inspirational credit to eloquentparadise. Thank you for the inspiration! First Image found at IMÁGENES DE JUEGOS, GUILD WARS at; second image found at Greek Mythology; third image found at (‘Daredevil Season Two: Elektra’)


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