New WP Blog … For the Every Once in Awhile S**t

Eva Xanthopoulos was right: Who says you can’t have two sites? (And I believe my friend, Tony, has two or three … or more??? LMAO) Well, I’ve decided to open another one, most for strictly religious stuff (and, I suppose, philosophical, political, sociological, etc.) Why?

Because I Don’t Want To Pollute THIS Site Anymore!

Now … how’s that for an answer? But something tells me most of my readers will agree. It’ll take awhile for me to purge this site, but it will truly be a “labor of love,” that is, love for what this blog has become now!

Anyhow, for those interested, my new blog is entitled igNoble Religious Ramblings. Interested? By all means visit!

All the best to all of you; peace w/many blessings! 😉


4 thoughts on “New WP Blog … For the Every Once in Awhile S**t

  1. I can understand your desire to put everything in its place, Sir Noble.That’s what led me to have so many blogs to begin with. It certainly wasn’t out of some misplaced desire to conquer the internet! But you… you may very well do just that! 😉

    1. Yes, I think this approach will actually be an enhancement… Like Tony said, it’s probably better to keep things in the proper place; that’s what I’m doing, so I think I’ll find it much more rewarding! 😉

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