Blogger Recognition Award

BRAAs another blogger, Kally, recently said upon receiving another award, “to be singled out by the nominator who has a lot of readers and to be remembered” is, indeed, an honor. This time, the honor is doubly mine for having been nominated by, Eva PoeteX! I am most assuredly humbled, and strongly encourage you to visit her blog(s), Sought After Blood Lines, Eva PoeteX, and (one of which I had not been aware!) BeLove BeLieve. You will NOT be disappointed, I’m sure!

★   ★   ★

The Rules for Accepting This Award: 1. Tell how your blog got started. 2. Give some advice to new bloggers 3. Choose blogs that you would like to pass the award on to.


I began blogging on WordPress a bit over three years ago, I think, and did so simply as one means of sharing my ideas. At the time my ideas and perspectives ranged from the political to theological, philosophical to cultural, personal/psychological to the arts. Much has changed since then; my focus now is more mytho-poetic and/or mystical. (I recently began a new blog to posts thoughts, ideas and perspectives on … hmmm, mostly strictly religious topics as a way of being able to “vent” and yet keep my original blog pure.)


Very, very honestly, I cannot think of better advice to give than that of Eva: “One word: Engage. The ways to do that: 1. Post quality content often, but not too often (as in multiple posts a day). 2. Re-blog posts that you find to be valuable. 3. Actually speak with your followers. Comment on and ‘like’ their posts, too.” And would I add to this? Perhaps. Do not get discouraged by the number of “likes” and/or comments (or lack thereof.) Blog from the heart, the soul, creatively engaging your mind because you want to … or, in many cases, have to; not for recognition by others.



  1. The Poesy Project
  2. Eloquentparadise
  3. Pines Lifestyle
  4. My Fair Vagabond
  5. #iblogstats

And with this, I say again to Eva, “thank you;” to all of the rest, “All the best with many blessings!”


12 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Congratulations Jonathan!!!!

    I find your language so great. Your usage of adjectives, adverbs displays a mastery that comes from deep thinking. I wish all this would culminate in your publishing a novel.
    Also, I like how kind you are with your comments.

    This award is well earned, you deserve this And the other Blogger award.
    Even though my topics are in the area of computer engineering and medical research, IPR, ACADEMIA, you take the time to read. This ability to jump into all areas and make an effort is what impresses me.

    In one year, I expect you to have a manuscript.
    See my tweets!
    Thank you so much for everything.

  2. Jonathan, you honour me. That is so very kind. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😀
    As for The Poesy Project, there’s something happening there soon that will change everything. I hate to be a tease but that’s all I can say for now.
    In the meantime, please accept my congratulations on being nominated for the blogger recognition award. You deserve this honour, my friend. Your writing is second to none, and your themes leave me wanting more! (I admire a guy who can appreciate the too often hidden strengths of women as much as I do!)

    1. And thank you, Tony! Not for the tease, perhaps 🙂 but for your very encouraging (and humbling) words. I look forward to feasting on what you’re cooking up for The Poesy Project! 😉

  3. Congratulations, Jonathan!! I’m so honored to have you as the pioneer reader in my website. You are always so generous and so kind. Your post brighten up my day!!

    1. Thank you, Kally, AND you’re welcome! I’m honored to be one of your pioneer readers! You’re moving forward very, very well, reaching so many people with your talent, knowledge, wise advice and encouragement…. Keep going, my friend; keep going! 🙂

      1. For you and the benefit of the rest of my readers, I will keep going. In fact, your words and presence means so much to me. Let you in a little secret, sometimes when I’m having writer’s block, I tend to rummage through your blog for inspiration. So keep on writing, my friend!!

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