Hold Me Tight; Give Me Might

Hold me tight;
I need to cry in your arms tonight.
Give me might;
Drive far away from me all fright.

Please, love me;
Unchain me in your heart to be free.
Now look and see;
Open your ears and hear my sad plea.

The journey has been long; this man is weary. Now again, I’ve found where I belong, and song is sung along with throng of angels; no eerie silence in wasted land for dæmons in fury to bury me. Clearly this beleaguered man has made it home, if indeed home is where the heart is, then I have the whole and not in part. Did you not care for me from the start?

Gather me in;
Let my soul rest and being again.
Forget all sin;
Redemption won, I’m now no bane.

Kheba, ever stay;
And never again make me fly away!
Kheba, ever stay;
Let us travel as one in life’s way.


2 thoughts on “Hold Me Tight; Give Me Might

  1. Love this very much, Jonathan. Kudos in putting an image in my head of a weary hero struggling within his emotions as he silently plead with the one who capture his heart, all he wants is to collapse into her arms, the place he felt most at home.

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