Journey of Life: Song Question of Sélená

Can yoSelena1u wed to me body, soul and mind;
And thus forever the two of us to bind?
Ride upon my breath of life-giving scent,
Till you become in my arms like an infant?
Can you clear mirror of your inner heart
To see my heaven in all life in every part?
Love and care with no selfish despondency,
In ever-consistency, rhythmic constancy?
Can you bear to be the child of heaven,
For me your being to enliven and leaven?
Give me your masked, bankrupt knowledge,
In exchange for my wisdom in due homage?
Giving birth and nourishing life without strife, without possession;
Shaping, molding, guiding and directing without any reclamation;
Serving, though so superior, without expectation of acclamation;
Gently leading in love as Shepherdess, without any domination…

This is my way, the stela of Sélená
Note: Inspired by Lao Tzu, The Tao Te Ching 10


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