Keep Playing Tweety Bird?

Some time ago, one of my blog buddies (whom I haven’t heard from in quite awhile! Hope he’s okay!) kept … hmmm, encouraging — strongly encouraging — me to open a Twitter account. Finally, I took the plunge and did it, and now I tweet. However, the prediction that it would do my blog site oh-so much good really hasn’t panned out. Besides, I already give blog updates on my J D Noble Publications FB page (please, please “like” it and stay connected!), and I have my Linked In account. Plus, followers can also receive e-mail notifications, and of course my new posts appear in various category streams in the WordPress world.

Okay! So here’s my question (and do please answer!): Should I keep my Twitter account open ~ only have five followers there ~ or close it down (because it’s just an extra-added, time-gobbler as it is)?

Thank you for your opinion! And do remember the J D Noble Publications FB page (found in the righthand column.) All the best w/blessings to you!


16 thoughts on “Keep Playing Tweety Bird?

  1. I have voted for you to keep on tweeting!! Soon the number of followers will grow in your account as well! And you may reach out to more people than in WordPress!! I can’t seem to find you on Twitter, can you please locate me at MiddleMe_net?

  2. Keep it. Your blog can automatically go out on Twitter if you designate it to do that (see improved posting experience) with a hashtag title. I think I have more followers on Twitter than on WordPress just from doing that.

  3. Get rid of it, it’s extra feedback and comments and tends to lead me down all sorts of diversionary paths * hold on let me just retweet that hilarious meme! *. Having said that, I am tweetorama! It has added nothing of any note to my wordpress following / status, can lead to all sorts of annoying distractions and is full to hatching with tele viewers tweeting about how crap the thing they’re watching is (why watch?)… Having just sacked Facebook, Twitter must be next – but I must just tweet a response to that fabulous photo of Barcelona in the rain… anon…

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience w/Tweeter! I’ll most certainly take what you’ve said into serious consideration… Thanks, too, for popping in my little corner of the World of Blog in the first place, and reading and commenting! All the best to you!

    1. Well, that surely might be… Do you know I didn’t realize till last evening that my blog is FIVE years old! I’d been saying three, but got to looking and it’s actually FIVE! LMAO My blog is ready for kindergarten! I’m going to be such a mush now, crying and all, when I send off for first day of school… Ah! My eyes are already wetting (Here’s where I’d making a crying face emoticon, but I don’t know how … 😦

  4. It definitely takes times to build anything. Same goes with a Twitter following. Twitter is one of the leading social platforms! Retweet when you can, follow people in your niche and people you look up to, “favorite” stuff you enjoy—and aim to do these things often. Oh, and use hash tags. That gets #tweets more noticed.

    1. Well … now that really does settle it for me. Coming from you, I’ll continue playing Tweety Bird! Although I’m now going to have to educate myself about hashtags! Ugh! 😦 But, okay… You’ve sealed it for me … along with haunting me with ghosts of life theme lines/quotes! LMAO 😀

      1. Lol!! As for those hashtags… Say you wrote a poem and want to share the link. Put the link in the tweet along with #poem. If someone puts “poem” in the search bar, your tweet will appear along with anyone else with that hashtag. It helps with visibility a great deal. Also, when you post matters. If you tweet at 4am, that tweet won’t been seen much. I forget when peak times are exactly, but there’s a lot of info if you google “How to be successful on Twitter” or something along those lines. 🙂

          1. The “okay” hasHtag wouldn’t work too well. How many people put that word in their search bar? Lol. I knew you were kidding.

            Hahah, I’ll let her know… 😀 By the way, I’ve been working on a SABL Book Trailer.

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