In the Temple of Tomorrow

All the world’s aflame, and everyone to blame,
In the Temple of Tomorrow;
And you borrow such insane pain on the Plain of Today,
Where the Slough of Yesterday is left behind
And in like kind, Tomorrow never does come,
But some offer sacrifice of praise in mental haze
And spiritual daze … in the Temple of Tomorrow.

Yes, there are those, too, who are bogged down
In the Slough of Yesterday, who blew away any future
Of hope long ago, so their song is another dirge,
And ever an urge to relive the past; their hearts
Never surge in the beauty of Today, yet may one day;
Who knows? Ah! But others await the kingdom come
Some day … In the Temple of Tomorrow.

Here there is no rest as the best of spirit is given
To liven what has not yet been born; torn from Today
To take hold of hope to make something, anything …
Tomorrow, tomorrow; and they borrow from the future
To nurture passing pleasures and transient treasures
For Today with no real content; they are so hell-bent
To worship in the Temple of Tomorrow.

Arise! Meet the present and greet this Day today!
Gone are all your yesterdays and tomorrow never comes;
In this moment find your atonement and enjoyment;
Bow no longer and cower not … in the Temple of Tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “In the Temple of Tomorrow

  1. I love the message here, we should all try to enjoy and live in the present moment of time, it’s not always so easy to do, but well worth the effort of trying. 🙂

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