Shadow Bard

Luteguy_8227It’s hard, sitting in the darkness, playing shadow bard;
Staying in my place, moving like an eel ~ slime pace ~
Singing another low song, to save face, amid the throng
Of easy ego-pleasers with no wrong turn, too bad to burn,
To dense to learn; help me Eloise! I but aim to please!

It’s hard watching ’em die, while I play shadow bard;
Up and down, turn around, cause it’s bound to get wild
As the sound of my flute dances so freely in the air;
Better wear your best mask, cause it’s my task to stay
And play, yours to suck it up, cause you’re stuck here. . .

Here, there, everywhere, I stay toย play shadow bard;
From the dark with haunting music, taunting lyrics,
And flaunting sound that hounds your everlasting soul.
Pick up the bowl, lick the cherry, let the juice stick
In your mouth; be merry! I’m the shadow bard . . .

Shadow Bard


9 thoughts on “Shadow Bard

    1. Interestingly enough, the image is that of a minstrel, but I couldn’t find one of a bard that really satisfied . . . but I suppose the minstrel fits the role of bard well enough here. LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

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