Love of the Forest Foliage


Forest so dark, so brightly inviting;
Foliage slightly thick, warm, opening;
I enter in and begin, start to play
As fingers on flute, my part to press.
Is there resistance with desire, yet
Insistence, too, for to give my higher
Self in this love affair laid so bare
For the world to see, and I am kept
So warm from harm, swarm of honey bees
Release forest charm; taste is sweet,
And the beat of my heart quickens more,
My soul soars to heights unknown, what
Is shown in your giving and receiving;
Believing is all that’s left as I lay
Bereft now of strength; there is but rest,
No test of amorous feelings; I’m kneeling
Buried in blossoms opened wide from side
To side, and here I’ll abide; heaven can
Wait as I satiate unabated, heart appetite.



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