Wrath of Sélená

pic-4Storm clouds black form on the far horizon,

Churning with poison lightning and thunder

Sounds over blunders made by idiotic fool

Who drools for chocolate caked on cookies

Baked in the oven for his own self-pleasure

Under pressure to satisfy his ugly appetite;

Quite the blight on “his” hearth and home, 

Making himself the plight of otherwise bright

Family, but lo, he has now attacked beloved

Of Sélená and now the skies church and burn

With her anger; he has no idea of the danger

In which he finds himself as he wends his way

Through sanctimonious congregation in happy

Elation; ah! he has become the causation of his

Own condemnation! His agitation will end now

With amputation and castration to assure his

pole_goddessHumiliation as compensation for depredation

Of the beloved of Sélená; she will make proper

Reclamation now . . . for she is filled with wrath!

It will be permutation in his full decimation …

Pity now the fool fallen under condemnation!

Note: Artwork by John Palisano



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