As Day Slips In . . .

SidlineAs day slips in with sunrise and clips the wings of night,
She brings me new hope with some few precious blessings;
Morning chants ease my heart pants, appease hungry soul,
And send me to my knees once more to adore holy Spirit
Of Life and Light and Love, giving flight to my inner-self;
Ah! Am I but a beginner, and young with high strung vision
Kept alive with dream precision and the provision of heaven;
And yet is there also a hole in my soul that cannot be filled,
And I am chilled in my heart, waiting for that absent part ~
Ultimate intimate lover of whom I am compliant suppliant ~
But the rays of sunlight so bright carry her not my way;
Still do I stay in acquiescence to obey the Spirit of Life;
Should I stray into earthly fray, turning day back to night?
No, not for fright of losing what has been given to enliven.


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