Roses and Champagne Love

He delved into his pockets to buy twelve roses he’d carefully chosen,
Then went for the bottle of champagne in his avid campaign of love;
This day he would not miss, for it was the day they met on their way
To the same party of love; the day light faded into glorious night ~
Valentine’s Day ~ and the way she kissed him for the very first time,
And passion ignited eventually led to wedding fashion and honeymoon
On another Valentine’s, which gave way to canopy of home and family;
No, he would not forget this day nor ever remit his love, but admit
His complete devotion in frenzied motion along with deep emotion,
No matter the commotion caused; he would not be absent but valiant
In showing his undying love, no matter how cold his only sweetheart;
He would sit by her once more, heart torn with loss borne by grief,
His true lover under cover of earth would give birth again to mirth
Of memories gone by . . . all with no more than stone cold reply.
‘Happy Valentine’s,’ he would utter with shutter; ‘oh my one love
Now above where the angels sing; may they now bring my best to you’
Happy Valentine’s Day


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