Sailing in the Sea of Eternity (Free Verse)


One day flows seamlessly into another, night passing night,
As Gaia circles round and round His Majesty, magnificent Sol,
Even as Luna circles round and round her bound lover Earth;
Father Time keeps rhythm with Mother Nature in every crack
And crevice of Creation. . .

Light shines brightly, light shines nightly, at once radiant,
At another silently dim and serene, for Selene wears the dark
Of the Cosmos with stars for dress as she walks hand in hand
With Gaia between the days through nocturnal maze, and both
Keep pace with the heartbeat of the Universe, despite Curse.

And the great Eagle wings his way high in the sky, looking
Down upon all creatures moving to and fro in frenzied life
So rife with pain, but pleasure too, and he marks the minutes
Of trials and errors, strife and success, desires and defeats;
Day upon day, the great Eagle eyes the activities of humanity.

What are we, cast upon this orb? Who are we to dominate each
And every shore? We have seconds of eternity to make our mark
On the barque of Gaia in the midst of infinite, quiet Cosmos
That lives and grows without remark to the vanity of humanity;
We are sailors for but one season. . .

And we sail the Sea of Eternity enwrapped by heaven and earth,
Light and night with fellow creatures upon the same venture. . .
Ah! But to what shore do we sail . . .
As one day flows seamlessly into another, night passing night?



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