Under Cover of the One: Maternal Lover

How can the son of One so great be so disimpassioned,
Having been fashioned in the womb of deep compassion?
Endlessly the Cosmos flows as cold Winter wind blows,
Leaving me cleaving to metaphysical breast for the best
Of celestial milk, so smooth as silk, ambrosia of deity,
Numinous heterogeneity of goodness that flows below
Slowly touching the souls so humble and free of banshee
Warning death, for they have embraced life much as I’ve
Suckled life-giving warmth from celestial sphere with
Nothing to fear, for I am here in the arms of one strong
To keep me from harm as She charms all mordant serpents
Of the dark Abyss from where they hiss and spit poison;
Ah! And am I safely pressed against bosom that blossoms
Flowers of eternity from sweet maternity in fraternity
Of gods and goddesses as Father Dyēus looks from above
With love and smiles approval to removal of all reproval
Of my mindless waste and so many mistakes made in haste.
I am under cover of One who ever hovers — maternal lover.


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