to BE iN my poeTry

It’s hard living on the downside of a right-side up world,
Always living on the flip-side of the spiritual coin,
Never able to join in any form of the norm;
So the safest place for me to be is in my poetry.
Here I live and move and have my being,
Seeing everything in stranded riddles,
Birds playing fiddles in the fair air,
Swimming thru the blue sky while whales fly in the sea below,
And I know nothing of anything makes any sense —
I make no pretense — I just write my fine lines
And something pretty shines here to which others can relate
Without any bait and hook to come and feast with the beast
That is me, no; every reader is free to be or not to be
With me; to see or not to see that I’ve something to offer
From the coffer of my soul, an ethereal bowl of fruit
To feed mind and spirit, and here it is at no charge
And not large, but small and delicate, all I have to give
As I live upside-down in this right-side up world.


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