Dreams of Brighter Days


Do you dream of higher ways on better days
That lays like a brick thick in your heart,
Cutting at the corners, making incisions
With precision, leaving you with decisions
To make that bake in your mind, the kind
That leaves you panting on the bare floor,
Moving around your house like an ugly boar;
It’s an undiluted chore to dream such dreams
Of a lighter future within brighter tomorrows;
And is it worth it to birth thoughts of mirth?
Or is there only pain in store for the whore
Of such fantasy? You take your time and make
Your pretty cake and eat it, too, no matter
How blue you feel as you peel away reality
Layer by layer all to still dream your dreams
Of much brighter ways on much better days…



4 thoughts on “Dreams of Brighter Days

  1. …I had to read this a few times to enable it to sink in. Complex and clever… again, I love the start and finish with higher ways and brighter ways and better days. Some sharp imagery…cutting corners, incisions, precision and decision, bake in mind, pretty cake and eat it! So many gems interlaced throughout…Bravo! 🙂

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