Justice for Tittie Baby Bully

They’re coming for you, man; that’s the plan.
They’re at your door; you’re on the floor,
Sore from trying to bide your time and hide,
But it’ll do no good; you’ve stood your ground
For the last time; you hear the clock chime
And you know, don’t you, the rhythm and rhyme
Of your sordid, self-centered ways have come
To the end of their days; and what can you say?
You pass thru life like a crass ass and expect
Everyone to throw logic into the wind and bend
To your every whim, even though in the main
You’re quite insane… But it’s over now, boy!
You’ll no longer toy with other precious lives
To satisfy your muck and mire desires, oh no!
They’re here for you now; you may as well bow
To the hand of Fate finally slammed down now
To satiate justice by the compass of heaven,
And how luscious it is, so sweet with every
Beat of your pounding heart — no good part —
Ah! you weren’t smart enough to see it coming,
Looming on the horizon, but you’ll agonize in
Crazed, bull-headed sin now, so crawl on the
Floor, but they’re at the door to even the score!

Note: “Titty Baby” is a derogatory term used for someone, usually an adult male, who’s “still on the tit,” that is, coddled and pampered (usually by his mamma); an adolescent-type man, who usually has to have his way in life and throws a tantrum if he doesn’t get what he wants; a “mamma’s boy.”



17 thoughts on “Justice for Tittie Baby Bully

  1. Love the poem, flow of the words and the topic : ))


    Yeah! Some people are the type “mommas boy”
    Love being pampered whole life and expect the same thing from everybody.
    Soon realises,
    Life’s not that easy!
    Because No one loves better than “Momma”

    : ))


  2. Great rhythm and flow and such a different topic to write poetry on. This is a courageously, well constructed poem…admire the way you end and start with Floor and Door…and the speech is fresh and modern! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! This is actually quite unusual for me, but recent events in life fueled inspiration for this piece. All the best to you w/blessings! 🙂

  3. Happy weekend from Provence…
    I’m watching TV, rugby Walles 53-14 Italy
    The public is understand high-tech tension… Interesting !

  4. Wow, I was transfixed. Your writing is exquisite. I just stumbled across your blog, and I adore everything I’ve seen thus far. Great job!

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