In the Beginning

Æons ago, when Gaia was very young, her birth song sung,
Wild beauty with mild peace wrapped her like a cloak,
Her heart the yolk of new life with few battles to fight;
Night was gentle, light warm and penetrating oceans deep
To embryonic keep, where there reigned genial cooperation
In symbiotic evolution, not quixotic or chaotic, rather
Guided by an unseen, gentle hand as if it were planned
But with no demand on the fetal growth in Gaia’s womb…
In the beginning.


20 thoughts on “In the Beginning

        1. Good. Just having my morning coffee… I will be leaving for one week to go visit my brother in another state, BUT I should still have Internet access! lol 🙂 How are you???

  1. In the Beginning

    This morning I got up at 2:00 to work on the blog, I am in discussion with Ivory Coast collèque, and one of Morocco …
    Discuss and write at the same time, it is not too good. But they are friends as you can be you. Our WordPress Brotherhood.

    Bonne soirée

  2. Sorry, I’m late, I ended Article 80 when you went on the blog. Thank you for your faithfulness. Enjoy the rest of the evening. My day started Wednesday at 02:00 am … The FBI is expected in Brussels.

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