Open to Me Again (In Lune)

Do you hear my cry?
Or my sigh?
Do you see me try?

Oh! The anguished pain!
Am I sane?
Or stuck on this train?

Forgive me my sins,
Start again,
Life we will regain.

Oh, choose me once more;
Let us soar
And once more adore!

Leave me not alone
Cold as stone,
But pick up the phone!

Talk and walk with me;
Do not balk,
But your door unlock…

Note: Thank you to Manan Unleashed for introducing me to the Lune form of poetry. I quite enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction of this (another) unique approach!


26 thoughts on “Open to Me Again (In Lune)

  1. Way to go, Jon. I am so happy to see this . Its beautiful. Isn’t inspiration so wonderful? Much love and light to you, my dear dear friend ❀

  2. I feel the longing in your lines. Cuts too close to home. I wish I could have said it as beautifully as you have. πŸ™‚

  3. Everytime I read, I want to leave some words for you. This is my third read and you have done a marvellous job. Lune in rhymes. Wow!!:you outdid yourself. Gorgeous series. Stunning all around. May poetry always continue to be the binding force.

  4. Reblogged this on Manan Unleashed and commented:
    I generally do not reblog. But this one, I just had to. And not because my friend here has mentioned my name. But because this piece is stunning, considering its Jon’s first attempt at the Lune form of poetry. Please go to his site directly and feel the strings of your heart being tugged by this wonderfully sensitive poet and my dear friend. Thank you all. May poetry continue to be the binding force.

  5. Tears in beautiful r not seemed good.why r u cry?whoever is d reason of dt tearing;look n wait for sometime;he will have to come.his door of heart was never closed n will be never close coz u r his soul as he is ur never is immortal as God n its voice is God’s voice.bless u,dear.

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