Folly of the Young in the Maze of Haze

You scurry around in a dark maze in a thick haze,
Not knowing where you’ve been, what you’ve seen,
And blind as a bat as you wind your way, confined
To an unkind world within the World into which
You’ve been hurled, and so now you’re curled up
Behind dæmonic brick and mortar, defined by what
You cannot see or hear, but Someone wants to steer
Your course by force of Love, and She can be trusted;
But you’ve lusted after liberty to stay in the maze
And make your own way, though there is no way out
On your own, but there are many steady hands ready
To help you, including mine as a sign of affection;
Upon reflection you should see the Spirit wants you
To be free, and so do we… So why do you out shout
So many who care and would help bear your burden?
You are young, your life not yet sung by the stars;
Will you simply bear your scars, running after fools,
Who drool for excitement, strident in advisement
Of what they do not know? They show their own folly;
Ah! If only you could understand that the old and
Wise are not here to reprimand or demand or even
To command, but merely plead to lead you out of the
Stark dark of the maze of thick haze into better ways.


7 thoughts on “Folly of the Young in the Maze of Haze

  1. Mind and heart are created to be in perpetual
    contradiction to force us to choose a balanced
    middle way, but we more often than not defeat this
    purpose by going to one extreme or the other!

  2. So so much truth and wisdom of ages and sages here and the folly of youth seeking satisfaction in places that only bring discontentment for the soul. This is masterly writing Jon full of depth and again so profound and deep as your writing is… You have such wonderful lilt to your poems by the clever use of inserting rhyming words at strategic points… Your poems sing to the soul and how did I miss this one? Words of Spirit, indeed… Thank you my friend. 🙂

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