The Duchess and Lord of Lyricism Dialogue on Love

I have never before collaborated with anyone, but today I have had the privilege and honor of working with the very talented Nandita (Manan Unleashed) on this poetic dialogue between the Duchess and Lord of Lyricism,  the final installment in both of our respective series (due to reasons we deem unfit to divulge.) I (we) truly hope you, the readers, enjoy this collaboration! 

As Sol reigned high in the sky, the duchess did spy the Lord of Lyricism,
And she decided to fly to where he was perched on his literary birch;
“Ah! So it is the star-gazed lover who hovers in ethereal art covers!
Welcome, my dear, and what will you say that I should now hear?”

The Duchess sat herself near the Lord of Lyricism
Who looked at her with such tender affection in his wise eyes;
She could not help but spill her secrets,
Harboured within the deep cavern of her heart.
“What do I say my Lord? I had a mortal fight last night
With the Lun who refused to shine on the dark side of my duke.

“Light and dark; night and day, are they not both at play?”
Answered the Lord of Lyricism. “But dear one so near
My heart, no one need tell you when the sun does rise,
For it is no surprise; no one need tell you there is a
Dark side to every glorious lark. Every song is bound
To have one wrong key, you see, so what it is you have
Sought and at what price have you bought your love?”

“Shed some light my lord; what causes me to worry so?
All I have ever seen since love was conceived
Are seeds of stars in those magical eyes;
Alas! Last night, as we were gallivanting in the garden of
Love, a storm came and the Lun hid behind dark clouds;
It seemed to steal the stars that lit up my heart
And I was left with a disdainful black night.”

“Ah, dear Duchess, love is always planted in seeds
And needs to grow to show its worth of timely birth;
But the storms must come to transform love as it
Forms, and sometimes then the bright stars of night
Are hidden from view to the two in love; fear not!
Stars above are still shining, and pay no mind to
Luns and their unkind ways; the rays of love may
Still shine in your heart and that of the Duke, and
Then ne’er shall you part ways for the days to come!”

“My heart knows my Lord the pearls of wisdom you implant
For I was born after all from that seed
From whence my love has sprung
And so although burnt clouds may at times overcast my clear skies
And those stars that light up my world get stolen from those eyes I now call home
I must chide myself every time I doubt my heart
That I cannot appreciate the beauty of the calm
Unless I go through the storm.”


16 thoughts on “The Duchess and Lord of Lyricism Dialogue on Love

  1. Thank you, my wise mentor and friend for this honour. I cannot even begin to tell you how much you moved me the first time you took up your series and decided to help unfold the story as I lived it. And you continued to move me as your observations followed. You are truly amazing.

    1. You honor me far more than I feel I deserve; truly, it has been an honor and privilege. In one sense, I will miss both series, but such is the case that it had to be drawn to conclusion … And what an awesome, collaborative conclusion it is! Thank you! 🙂

  2. This collaboration shows the talent and intellect of two gifted writers. The one thing I would say about its content is that certain seeds simply do not have the capacity to grow into what we truly desire or need. One can truly spend a lifetime waiting for something that simply cannot or will not come. A truer love experiences the joy and potential in both right from the beginning.

    1. Bad seeds? Weak seeds? Not enough rain or sunshine? Yes, some seeds do not grow, and it is an excruciatingly painful experience to wait and wait for something to grow that was never meant to grow … or simply will not grow. Thank you so much for reading, and thank you for your comment!

      1. The interesting thing about seeds is that you never really know what is inside them. And yet we wait and hold ourselves responsible for their watering and care

  3. An accomplished collaboration by gifted writers. Vivid scenes and wisdom in this poem are admirable, ” love…needs to grow to show its worth of timely birth” so true!

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