Note to Self: Get the Hell Up!

Spinning, whining, crying, and pining like some brat!
What? You didn’t get your way? Hit the damn highway
And don’t bother with your ‘goodbye’ and no ugly sigh!
Please, did you really think life was all about your ease?
Freeze! Think. Blink. You’ve got some kink in your brain.
Oh, do you not hear, my dear? Life is something to fear;
It’s not an easy career. You’ve gotta be fierce and strong;
No, not always wrong. You’ve gotta conquer the throng!
Frat brat crying on your cushioned mat, get the hell up!
Stop being such a pup, and find the wolf inside of you;
It’s not really an impossible world in which you’ve been
Hurled when you learn how to live now, not later, and
Stop believing all the lies about pies in the skies! Idiot!
Say “hello” from below with your feet planted firmly
On the earth, place of your birth, and see your worth.
And faith? Real faith comes with striving, driving and
Sweat with plenty of bets; you fail but you don’t bail,
And that’s when real faith begins to kick in and begin!
So stop spinning, whining, crying and pining. Get up!


25 thoughts on “Note to Self: Get the Hell Up!

  1. This is truly inspiring. Its as if someone told you about me and you are writing this out to help me out with my predicament.
    You are right wise man. There is no point pining for things that aren’t ours. I needed to hear that. Thanks again kind stranger from the Internet 🙂

  2. Words, emotions, and clutter I can absolutely relate to. I hope that you are doing well. Depression is a scary beast. If there is ever a time you wish to chat about our mutual battle with the beast I am all ears and I apologize for not paying closer attention recently.

    1. No apologies necessary at all, my friend, and THANK YOU very, very much for your kindness; it is most deeply appreciated. You are spot on about “the beast” of depression! Thus this “Note to Self,” lol. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond; all the best to you w/peace and blessings!

  3. Hmm

    This suits me so well!

    My exms r coming : (

    Ohh Jonathan! Who made exms! : (

    Keep smiling ; ))
    Because they say! Smile is the curve that can make everything straight!

  4. Oh but you can do it! Yes you can.
    I know you are a fighter, I have read enough to see how you take one challenge at a time, how you motivate even with a simple comment, with a nice gesture, with a smile. You write for people, you encourage, you give them an ear. And because of what you do will come back to you tenfold, you are up! 🙂

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