Behind those eyes of joy lie years of heartbreak
And ten thousand tears and suffering for keepsake;
Behind those eyes of peace sits twice the turmoil
And the high price of pain, over and over again;
Behind those eyes so inviting stands mass rejection
And cruel defection and a lifetime of introspection;
Behind those eyes of love is there scars of hate
And malice toward One who never took hell’s bait;
Behind those eyes…
Eyes that look at me with such unbridled compassion
And understanding with such commanding presence;
Eyes that look at me with so much wisened patience
And inspiration to keep walking to my destination
Eyes that look at me so very kindly and even blindly
And yet seeing all, when I stand tall and when I fall;
Eyes that look at me so openly with such charity
And clarity with verity and even strange solidarity;
Ah! Those eyes…


11 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. Wow!

    Yeah! eyes are the most beautiful part of human!

    second thing it! A man is never a perfect being. there are both positive and negative parts of each thing that exist!

    Finally . The hope!
    Hope makes peopl keep goin
    hope is the only motivation
    and the strongest man
    because human life is unpredictable
    it changes in no time
    like a curl

    keep smiling dear Jonathan

  2. Lots of things to ponder upon here, Jon. I catch quite a lot here, my friend. Whether it’s a hymn in praise of the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent gaze or a tribute to those eyes that watch out for you, No one could be sure. Although I can only make a fair assumption based on your recent few writings and the ‘connection’. Either way, beautiful writing Jon.

        1. Actually … not very well. Just part of the twists and turns of life, though… I cannot complain; there are so many people in the world who have and are facing far, far greater trials than me. Thank you so much for asking! It warms my heart!

  3. ….Eyes… the mirrors of our soul. Indeed, whether about the One or someone close to you… These words are precious and speak of great Love…. Thank you.

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