Can You Stand?

Can you stand to join hands with Wisdom in the prism of Truth,
Wade thru the lies that fly by day, refusing to glorify rank error?
Can you refuse to stroke the grand egos of socio-political brokers,
Who seal up lips, steal over hearts, kill what is right in the sight
Of God and good people? What is this but to stand alone in grand
Opposition to the position of evil in the world in honest admission
Of wrongdoing no matter the cost or what may now here be lost?
But how will you wage war and gauge your progress against many,
Who rage against light, bemoaning their own plight under weight
Of the Truth shining brilliantly in the night sky, heavenly sight?
Oh say can you see the banner that waves in manner of what is lost
Because riches and glory have tossed the people to and fro upon
Waves of blind luxury with no one to save apart from hearts hungry
And thirsty for Wisdom and Truth? An high calling this is to keep
One from falling and crawling before the ever-sprawling masses;
What high price to pay, but can you say there is another sure way
To reach some higher destination in acclimation of all that is good?
Oh, can you stand to join hands with Wisdom in the prism of Truth?


2 thoughts on “Can You Stand?

  1. “Can you stand to join hands with Wisdom in the prism of Truth”

    This poem is wonderfully provocative and brilliant! I love each and every line of it!

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