Now you have come full circle to vernal passion
In high fashion, leaving behind ashen dreams,
So walk your talk on the wild side of the sun
Where dreams abide, where none can chide you
For who you are and will become some bright day

. . .

Don’t stray
Or enter the fray
But seize the new day
With no suffocating dismay
And enjoy a life in this new way
Here in Evergreen there is no decay

. . .

You are the star ignited from afar, shining brightly
In nightly sky;
You are the stream that flows below radiant heaven
To leaven earth;
You are the key for eyes to see the life-giving tree
Standing so free;



5 thoughts on “BE

    1. Actually, yes, I really had myself in mind … not in an arrogant way, but experientially. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Patty! Have an awesome day! 🙂

  1. Jon, can i tel you how much I’m enjoying this side of you? I have had the pleasure of reading your 7-folds earlier when I first started reading you. You truly are the Lord of Lyricism.
    This is an amazing self-motivation poem, something that makes one look at oneself with renewed love. Only if i love myself and value myself , can i share that love with others.
    P.S. Jon, come to messenger. Need to discuss something.

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