Not even the night can hide the fright;
Like light it only illumines the blight,
Keeping in heart’s sight the dæmons
Who haunt and taunt beleaguered soul
Too eager to fleece for meagre peace
Of mind of the kind not so hard to find;
It’s a blow-away show, sham serenity,
Gross obscenity of misplaced identity
As they whisper in your ear only fear
And real peace is near if you can hear
One calling to keep you from falling
So low from another blow to the heart,
But you only start to take the part
Of suppliant making pure covenant
With unbounded Life… You are…



8 thoughts on “Timid

  1. Too ‘Timid’ to make the leap towards the ‘Treasure’
    When in your heart of hearts you know the truth
    The ‘Light in the Shadows’ is forever there to guide
    Place your trust in those ‘Hands’ without a ‘Shiver’

    An envelop quatrain for you Jon. Sorry been a bit busy. But you can always be sure I’ll never miss any of your post. Another beautiful one, my dear friend 🙂

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