Rushing like a mighty wind bending trees of men,
Filling lungs with the power of heavenly tongues
In flames of fire devouring every earthly care,
Flowering the soul in all that’s fair and right
And bright and true for an whole new worldview,
As statues crumble and tumble hard to the ground
Without sound; what was lost has now been found;
And the Wind blows where She will…
And where She will … to fill us anew



8 thoughts on “Renewed

  1. I noticed the change of gender. That was the most striking feature in the poem to me. I noticed ‘crumble’ too.. but then we all see that what we want to see, I suppose.
    The “wind carries ‘his’ name” and the wind will blow ‘her’ way. For they are both manifestation of the ultimate coalescence. Neither can exist without each other. Here of course, the idea of ‘him’ and ‘her’ could be varied but to me it’s…well, I leave it open to interpretation.
    As always, deep, thought provoking and layered with a few hidden meanings, if not many. Love it!

    1. Ah! Thank you once again, dear friend… You do, indeed, notice the particulars and subtleties. Wonderful and much appreciated assessment! All the best to you, as always, w/blessings. 🙂

  2. Beautifully written, I pray for that rushing mighty wind and the renewal the spirit brings!

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