Real Power of Poetry

You think you are so great, and so full of hate,
But you have no power against my strong tower;
You fool with cool words of pretended wisdom,
And imprison with your lies and cries of fame
And blame the innocent,  and shame to tears,
Spreading all fear over the masses who bypass
Joy and peace and everlasting lease on life;
Your game is up; you’ve been tamed in chains,
As lightning flashes pierce your black night
And dispel your pathetic plight in the light
Of truth that triumphs o’er the cauldron sight!
Who are you, anyway, to say you know the way?
Who are you to hold the pen of poet in sin?
Who are you to move the fine brush of artist
And make the stageplay blush in hush of shame?
For there is an Artist who painted the skies
Without tainted creativity; the Maestro who
Sung the first song sweetly, and who sculpted
Out of earth and clay the worth of all life
Not rife with pain, but play in unending day!
Stay away, then, Liar! Go back to eternal fire!

Note: I would especially like to dedicate this poem to my poet friends, Dajena and Nandita, for the support and encourage and prayers through an especially rough time in my life. Blessings to both of you!

12 thoughts on “Real Power of Poetry

  1. Such a joy to feel your tower strong and the Spirit victorious Jonathan. A wonderful hymn that I can hear it be sung with lyre or harp like David. I am smiling biiiiig like this ^___________________^ and giving thanks to our Father who never delays. he never breaks the tender shoot. 🙂
    You found the pebble and killed Goliath! May you always be victorious!!
    Thank you for mentioning me, I am humbled.
    Looking forward to more beautiful news.
    🙂 Blessings,
    Dajena ❤

  2. Dear Jon, I’m sorry I’m late in thanking you. I’ve been brooding, as you already know. But please know I’ve always been your friend and I’ll continue to be, even if the winds of change blow over our friendship. Over the past couple of months, you and I have forged a deep friendship unlike other, at least that’s what i like to believe. I remember the first time you came to my site and even the first comment you left. And then, it has been going on. Ever since, you’ve been one of my most constant readers and most certainly the dearest friend behind the WP screens. How we reached out to each other when we sensed we were going through storms. I will also fondly remember our very first collab as well as your Lord of Lyricism series where you so marvellously tried to chronicle my love story. I was touched that you’d be so observant and would actually take the time to continue with your writings on the same.
    I know it’s not Friendship day or Thanksgiving but I am a little overcome with emotions both happy and sad, which you have been able to decipher in my writings both here and there. The idea of abandonment as I often talk to you about is a deep rooted one in my head, be it a lover or a friend.
    I am grateful for your friendship and I can only hope we continue to walk this path. And should you wish to sever ties with me ever, I hope you’ll leave me well informed and not clueless as to where did I go wrong. The latest collab I did with you (the one we both have decided not to post) was to me, my most profundest one with you where if you go through it again, you’ll see it’s pain that speaks towards the decision I come to in the final lines.
    Thank you once again. I’ll always be your friend. I never give up on people even when they hurt me. Which happens most of the time. You’ve been a good ear and shoulder to me and I hope I too have been able to be a dear friend to you. You are in my prayers and like I said, this too shall pass.
    Always wishing you happiness, love, and peace.

    1. You have my deepest gratitude, my dear friend, and your words of passionate approbation truly humble me. I am very thankful that I have been able to be a valued friend and fellow-poet, and I treasure this friendship. Thank you, again, for your support, encouragement and prayers; they shall never be forgotten, nor shall you be abandoned. God bless you!

  3. Such a powerful piece. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a dark period. I hope it passes soon.

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