Unearthed, Rebirthed

I was wandering in the wasteland, but then the wind whispered your Name;
My heavy soul blistered and dried by scorching shame.
Desert sands littered with regrets and gambling debts with the devil,
Mind pierced by doubting arrows forged in insecurity’s anvil.
Then rugged Shepherd came to find the lost and tempest tossed,
Brown crusted blood around deep cuts of love and happiness lost.
Illusions of despair, confusion of mind, and profusion of lies disappeared.
The air I breathed, the music I heard, and the truth no more smeared.
No more lost, but found, and bound for peace in new lease on life.

Note: I have been extremely privileged and honored to collaborate on this poignant, faith-filled poem with the very talented Dajena Mason of Moonskittles! The work was joyous and most rewarding, and I do hope that you, my readers, both enjoy this piece and are blessed by it!


6 thoughts on “Unearthed, Rebirthed

  1. It was a beautiful work of faith! Loved it! A glorious morning! 🙂 Thank you for honoring me dear Jonathan!
    Dajena 🙂

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