‘Merry’ in Muck and Mire

Have you ever noticed how some people stuck
In muck and mire and require the most help
Insistently complain but with persistence
Refuse any and all assistance in an almost
Rebellious resistance? They treat the muck
Like so much bad luck and the mire very much
Like hellfire, but they don’t want out because
It’s what they’re all about; and yes, the muck
Sucks out all of their joy, and the mire makes
Them squires of despair, but this has become
To them the very air they breathe, and they
Want no repair of the situation because oddly
Enough it gives them identification; and how
Do you prove to such an intractable individual
That it is their destination, more than their
Situation, that gives them real identification?
Sometimes, oftentimes, you cannot persuade
These souls so fraught with many troubles that
To them have become like precious gems, and
So waste no more time expending your efforts
In extending mercy… Beware and take care,
For one day you may find yourself drowning
In the very same dire muck and mire! Beware!


8 thoughts on “‘Merry’ in Muck and Mire

  1. This is really good work!! I enjoyed it. You must eventually collect all these great poems into a nice book.

    This really does match up with my last post very nicely. You’re right.

      1. I don’t know if it’s something on my end or if it’s the site itself, but I’m still having issues clicking to read your posts fully, that is until I click on Like’, because I truthfully do love your writings…still I wanted to let you know of the matter in case there are other readers/followers who might also be having this problem also. Keep on writing! 🙂

        1. Thank you for letting me know again… No, thus far you seem to be the only one having this difficulty. And after checking, all the settings on my end seem to be as they should be… I really am sorry for the difficulty; certainly it must be frustrating. Of course, I am very grateful to have you as such a faithful follower-reader. All the best to you w/blessings!

          1. Again, no worries. As long as I can read your full, actual post in some way or another, that’s all that matters to me. Really, your words are very endearing and worth the time to read. 😉

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