Me, My Resume

No, this may not be traditional,
But for me it is quite transitional;
You see, this is my real resume
And it might just dismay you
In the Human Resource Department,
Where everything is compartmental
In quite a parental, judgmental way;
Nevertheless, the right question
Any bright person usually asks is,
‘How can I make myself appealing?
And without really revealing myself?’
But I’ve changed the question,
And I’ve done so without hesitation;
Now I’m asking, ‘What do I want
This impersonal company to know…
To know about me?’ And this will be
My dismaying resume, for you see
It no longer concerns me to burn
With passion for disappointment
In totally lackluster employment
With no real enjoyment, and I refuse
To falter and bow at the company altar
While singing the psalter of profit
And productivity in virtual captivity
To a corporation demanding adoration;
I am me, you see, and I have a life
Worth living outside company walls,
Whether they stand or crack and fall;
And all in all, no manager will put me
In danger of losing my authentic self,
And no CEO will steal away the real me
No matter the pay or promotion … no!
I’m one who’ll cause quite a commotion
Because although I’m very compassionate,
I’m also rather passionate, so you see,
I’d rather be a catalyst for change
Than an adjutant to business as usual;
So understand, my heart is a work of art,
And I’m a writer, sometimes a fighter
With pen in hand to make unusual demands,
And, so, often I write with a bit of a bite,
And you need to know this in my resume…
My resume, which is really an invitation,
Even a proposition to get to know me …
Yes, me! Because I am my own resume!


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