Just Sucking Oxygen

He’s made his excursion and enough exertion for the day;
Yeah, you can bet he broke a sweat, so now he’s here to stay;
After one hour of exercise at the gym, it’s time to hit the shower,
Then he’ll put on his nighty-tighties and t-shirt, though it’s mid-day,
Plop down to play the T.V. while consuming colas and chocolate granolas;
After awhile he’ll whine and grump at his fine, hard working wife
Because he’s bored and needs to score a few points in argument
To augment his rather bland existence in which he insists to persist…
And really, Mother Earth must practically taste the waste of oxygen!
(Did I just say that?) But couldn’t our fair planet better use the air?
(Did I just ask that, too? Miserere mei, Deus!) 

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