Peace in Perpetuity: Welcome Eden


Good folks shooting good folks,
Recruiting more folks to shoot
As they pour out venom in store
From many years of repression
With no cessation, but does it
Make any sense? Is it pretense?
It’s not an easy walk, for sure,
But talk of peace is not enough;
It means taking a risk, a chance
In advance at the dangerous end
Of the gun, son; yeah, putting
Your life on the line as a sign
Of your conviction without any
Restriction that light drives
Out the darkness, that the fight
Is really for life, rather than
Mere existence rife with pain
And agony with naught to gain.
It’s all so insane, is it not?
Good folks shooting good folks,
Recruiting more folks to shoot…
Time to stop all of the insanity
Of gross vanity of war mongers,
Who sit sunny with their money
Counted with bloody hands and
Smiles on their crooked faces!
Time for light to shine bright
In the night of a new humanity
Under the radiance of dear Luna
In anticipation and expectation
Of the coming Dawn of Eden Land.
Say hello to serenity in plenty
In rebirth of old but new earth!
Welcome …!


Note: Having written one poem for Poets for Peace,  I guess it just piqued my interest in finding out how many other pieces I’d already written specifically on the subject of peace. This poem was originally published in March of this year (2016).


5 thoughts on “Peace in Perpetuity: Welcome Eden

  1. As always, since I started to follow your blog, beautifull. The only question I have ‘are people who should other people, good folks?’

    1. Excellent question! I was primarily thinking of those who (around the world) are drafted into “service” to their country, or compelled for various and sundry reasons to fight for/with some group… As odd as it may seem, many (if not most) of these folks are, at heart, “good folks.” Indeed, we live in a world of almost inexplicable tragedy; however, I’m an idealist who thinks things can be different! 🙂 All the best to you w/blessings! 🙂

  2. So much depth in this piece (your writing is always deep and thought-provoking), and this ‘It’s all so insane…Good folks shooting good folks, Recruiting more folks to shoot’ is so well written. And, indeed it’s all so insane.

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