Afraid to love,
And love to hate;
We reach above,
And fall to fate.

Afraid to embrace,
We embrace the fear;
No hope to trace
For those so near.

Afraid to dream,
And dream so dark;
Not but the scream
Of truth so stark.

Afraid to walk,
We cower so still,
And never talk
In our hell so shrill.

Afraid to learn,
And learn to fear;
So do we burn
Our soul so dear.

And never we see
This should not be.

Note: Originally published August 26. 2014 


8 thoughts on “Afraid

  1. Wow!

    Wat a beautiful poem to read!

    Because human life is filled
    With expectations
    And exceptions
    And expectations!

    How can one be happy n not fear?

    Ohh Jonathan

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