La DolceVita ~ Sweet Life

Heart in a bog, mind in a fog,
So many bubbles still trouble
From last night’s escapade,
And it’s too damn bad you paid
Such a high price for half-nice
In twice the number of drinks
It usually takes
To sink your prey…
What’s her name? Brey? Kay?
You rub your eyes in dismay;
She’s still here and you fear
She might want to stay the day,
But dammit! that’s not your way;
You bought her for the night,
And she was alright,
Now you want her out of sight!
Time for her to dress
And make quick flight…
Oh, but your head is spinning;
You’re not winning this game
Of waking up —
Your brain baking —
You sure as hell can’t tame
This throbbing in your head
As you sit naked on the edge
Of your bed… Ah! but the pill
That will still all the clanging
And banging in your skull —
Your heart doesn’t matter,
Because you threw away that part
Long ago in the grand show
Of half-life with good times
As numinous clock chimes
With each passing year
With nothing near dear,
Just another night-blight
Of la dolce vita … sweet!


2 thoughts on “La DolceVita ~ Sweet Life

    1. Thank you… Tis all too true for too many people, who imagine they are living la dolce vita as they sit bleary-eyed on the edge of their beds the morning after! Thank you again and, as always, all the best to you w/blessings.

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