Say What You Say About Me, About You

Say, does it matter who you say I am today,
Or tomorrow or next week however bleak?
I am who I am, tis true, but I am not what
I will yet be – the brand new me – you see,
So what you think of me makes me blink
And wink, not sink into stinking despair
With no hope of emotional repair; in fact,
I dare say that what you say about me says
More about you than you really care to say
About yourself! Wouldn’t you say it’s true?
But if only you knew I do care about you
– The true you and not the mask in which
You bask – then knowing might lead you
To showing, my caring to your fully baring
Yourself to me, saying what there is to say
About you rather than saying all that you
Think you have to say about me instead…
So let it be! In truth about you, come to me.


10 thoughts on “Say What You Say About Me, About You

  1. Yeah!

    Being honest is most important!

    And there is no guarantee; people b same today tomorrow n thereafter!

    Since time changes
    Life changes
    And so people change!

    But you is YOU

    : )

      1. Indeed!

        There is no bar : )
        But its easy to say n beautiful to imagines
        In reality soooo tuff thing!

        “to change n be new”

        How r u doin?

        How is Alabama? :d

        Love to u!

  2. So honest, and no mincing of words. Especially love ‘I am who I am’. Knowing thyself makes it easier to deal insincerity and expectations imposed. Take care! 😊

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