Sister, O Sister

Did you use her all up, then decide to lose her?
Did you lace your speech with love to leech,
And then dare to preach to her about her faults
Before vaulting out of her life until you found
Yourself in need again? Then you would plead,
And explain your most dire situation, tiring her
Into another donation of time, money, effort . . .
And then what? You’d hurry away and scurry
To your friends ~ your real family ~ leaving
Behind your sister who has always loved you
Above your greed and constant need, who ne’er
Would heed the words of others to cut you off;
But you’ve found your pound of flesh elsewhere
And so you’ve shut her out instead, though she
Would minister to you on your bed of sickness
Even now. . . O sister! Your heart is blistered!
Not one call or card or anything at all for her,
For the one who has done so much for you!
But you will rue the day you carved her out
Of your life, now so rife with pain, and there
Will be no gain for you in pious apologies, no!
In the starvation of your own blackened soul
You’ve performed an unthinkable castration
Laying the foundation for future frustration
And privation of genuine love ~ sisterly love;
But your familial deprivation will have come
From you own degradation and reprobation;
O sister! You’ve thrown away your own sister!
And bitter will be the whisper of your heart
When the day comes that you really need that

Angelica, Angelica! Why have you flown so high
Only to be blown so low by those who crucify?


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