I See You Trapped Inside

Hello, hello, I see you in there, yes, through the window
Hugging your pillow; won’t you come out to play today?
Ah, there is your special toy you can share with the boys
Outside playing in the park – swinging and swaying,
Running and jumping – no one standing like a stump;
Yes, I see the look in your eyes and the size of wonder
Hidden under layers of silence; you only need guidance;
Come outside, out into the fine sunshine; cross the line
And free yourself to be yourself . . . oh, but I can see now
You can’t find the door, is that it? Within the four walls
There must be some way out into the bright day, eh?
Or is this why you stand at the window looking out
And about the beautiful world? Is it, perhaps, because
There is no portal through which to release yourself
Into the immortal-mortal world of life – life of sights
And sounds, touch and smell, sky and sea and trees,
And church bells and honey bees – so you stand grand
And beautiful at your window looking in awed wonder
From inside your tiny house that no one can plunder?
. . .
Ah, yes, hello! I am here and I see you in there; I see,
But how might I come inside to bring you outside
Of your four rather banal walls to enjoy the very wide
And tall world all around you? But are you bound?
Are you bound? Not forever, I say; the day will come
When the sound of freedom rings loud and you will
Proudly play with the others and never again have
To stay confined in your hovel, to grovel in your heart
For a part of a world you can only see and barely hear;
And that day will be a grand day of liberty . . .
When you are finally free!
Yes, I see you thru the window hugging your pillow;
I see you . . . I see you . . . and I know you see me, too!

Note: Dedicated to all of the wonderful individuals persons who, for whatever reason (medical, psychological, spiritual … all of the above), are “trapped” inside themselves, unable to “come out” into the wider life of the world around them. One such family member — dear and beautiful child — is in such a state … but I do not believe forever! There is real hope for her and for all such individuals!


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